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Occupation: FighterThe truth about what it takes to be a professional fighter.

Yahoo! Sports Article

Fantastic! Yahoo! Sports about Chad George’s fighting career and the success of Andre Enzensberger’s documentary about Chad: ‘Occupation: Fighter’. Click image.


BJ Penn Radio

BJ Penn Radio (at 94 minutes into the show): Chad George gives a deep insight into the making of ‘Occupation: Fighter’, the Director Andre Enzensberger, the film’s success, and his career endeavors. Click on image to listen to it.


Fight Insight Radio

Fight Insight Radio: Very cool Chad George Interview (starts at 2 min.) about our movie ‘Occupation: Fighter’, the film’s Netflix success, and his MMA career. Click on image to listen to it.


MMA Weekly Radio

Starts at 58:40: Chad George talks about 'Occupation: Fighter' and Director Andre Enzensberger on the MMA Weekly Radio Show. Click on image to listen to it.


Talking Brawls MMA Podcast

Episode 4 - starting at 1:26:20: MMA podcast show with Chad George about his career, ‘Occupation: Fighter’, and the Director of the film, Andre Enzensberger. Click on image to check it out.

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